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Dark Spot Correction Serum - with jojoba oil

Image of Dark Spot Correction Serum - with jojoba oil

Having dark spots on the face is common and can form via acne scars, blemishes, moles, skin tags, age (aka liver spots and Hyper-pigmentation) and more.

Jojoba oil is the perfect carrier for this because it penetrates deep, while nourishing the skin and working in harmony with the lightening properties of the oils making this an excellent serum for correcting those unwanted spots!

Carrot seed, lemon and lavender essential oils are some of the very best ingredients for dark spots, patches, melasma and the beginning of scars because of their ability to penetrate deep into the skin and lighten pigmentation.

A high quality essential Lemon oil has natural, non toxic bleaching properties that help to lighten darkened skin pigmentation and similar shading problems.

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, organic lemon oil, organic lavender oil, natural carrot seed oil.

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