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You Pick! Aromatherapy Applications 100% Organic, High Quality 10 ML

Image of You Pick! Aromatherapy Applications 100% Organic, High Quality 10 ML

Choose all three or choose singly.
Organic, science backed and Aromatherapeutic, thee organic roller applications are made with organic grape seed oil in a dark, 10 ML amber vial with stainless steel ball.

• Frankincense 10 ML
• Lavender 10 ML
• Anxiety, Sadness & Sleeplessness 10 ML

Frankincense: • promote sleep • uplift mood
• fade existing scars • anti-inflammatory
• astringent • antiseptic
• disinfectant • cellular regeneration
• cellular protection • menstruation balancing

Lavender: * Helps reduce emotional stress & anxiety * Improving thinking ability * Helps to heal burns and wounds * Helps to Improve sleep * Restores complexion * Reduces acne * Slows aging with antioxidants * Relieves pain and headache

Anxiety, Sadness & Sleeplessness: *Within minutes of correct use, you can potentially go from having feelings of anxiety to peace and calmness of thoughts. All non toxic, organic and specifically formulated for emotional well being.

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