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Anti-Aging overnight rejuvenating eye serum

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This 100% natural and organic anti-aging overnight Rejuvenating eye serum is a gentle, penetrating and hydrating serum that works overnight helping to diminish and prevent the common signs of aging.


• Softens tight, dry under eye skin area
• Formulated for sensitive eye area
• Gentle and non toxic
• Reduces Fine Lines and wrinkles
• Gently Reduces dark spots & Pigmentation
• Improves Skin Texture
• Helps to slow down the signs of aging around the eyes via hydration natural carotene

Directions: Apply a single drop, nightly around eyes for prevention and correction of aging around eyes.

Ingredients: organic argon oil, organic rose-hip, organic grape seed, organic glycerin, organic essential oils of lemon, high quality, PURE carrot seed - 10 ML

* Please note there is a small mistake on the ingredients part of the label which has been corrected with a small same color sticker. The carrot seed oil is not organic but is high quality and all 100% natural.

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